AirTækker Residency, january 2018, Berlin


solo concert at Ftarri, Tokyo, 14th april

solo concert at Enviromnet 0g, Osaka, 19th april

concert with Toshimaru Nakamura, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 29th april

solo concert at Otooto, Tokyo, 20th may

solo concert at  watmm 와트엠, Seoul, South Korea 26th may *

concert with Toshimaru Nakamura, Ftarri, Tokyo, 7th june


solo concert at ‘Noise to the future’ vol. 2, 27th of june, Spanien 19c, Aarhus, Denmark

premiere  and extra performances of the orchestral piece ’83 100 take over’, 1st-3rd September, Aarhus Festuge

premiere of audio-visual piece ‘sinking, sinking…’ 19th September, DIEM Electro concert series, Aarhus


solo concert at Unsound Festival, 13th October, Kraków, Poland



january 2019- composing music for dance performance ‘Ultima’ by Svalholm Company

EMS Residency, 21st January-3rd February 2019, Stockholm, Sweden


premiere of audio-visual piece ‘the subject a human is…’ 8th March, Panorama Festival, Aarhus

august 2019- composing music for dance performance Gravity by Svalholm Company (performances 27.07-12.08, Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, Aarhus)

electro-opera ‘Lapses’ screening + ‘the subject a human is…’ ,  August 2019, UNM Festival Piteå, Sweden

‘When I was 28 I was obsessed with staging deaths’ performance at Performance Festival, 07.09.19, Spanien 19c gallery, Aarhus