I work primarily within the field of an electroacoustic music composition, sound, film and performance art. It takes form of concerts, records, installations and performances.

Music, sound, montage.

In music my main intention is to explore the full spectrum of sound and its timbres, intensities and qualities. I focus on bending and playing around with music forms, combining playful melodies and songs with abstract forms and noises.

‘By diving into the ocean of various intensities, qualities, melodies and forms she travels the sonic trip of twisted characters, imaginary landscapes and dramatic turns.‘

Performance, installation, environment.

Performance is for me a form of extended composition, open score with room for interaction. It is exploration where starting point and tools of work are decided beforehand, but the result of it and aftermath is known only when the performance is completed.

I intend my work to be site-specific, which includes and responds to the sound, architecture and living aspects of current environment.

Olga Szymula

For further information, booking and questions please write here: contact@olgaszymula.net